Rita Moreno cautiva la 90na entrega del Oscar – Adilene Valencia

Rita Moreno cautiva la 90na entrega del Oscar

How to renew a garment 59 years later. 5 lessons of the great Rita Moreno to give life to a garment from past seasons.

There is no doubt that a diva will always be wise in her decisions, the election of the multi-award-winning EGOT, Rita Moreno, captivated on the red carpet not only for emotion, but for her knowledge of fashion.

  1. Kimonos for spring, is the seasonal trend and she exhibits it with her original skirt from 1962, made of the obi of a traditional Japanese kimono, it is worth mentioning the original designer Pitoy Moreno, an icon of Filipino fashion.
  2. Adaptability. For an outfit to break the barriers of time, she must know how to adapt, as she did with the neckline of her corset that impregnated the design with freshness.
  3. Combinations that do not fail: Black and gold to denote elegance that never goes out of style.
  4. Accessories. A maxi necklace was the perfect accessory to give balance and uniformity to your attire, from head to toe you can not help but admire such a perfect combination.
  5. Rebellion. Fashion is a way to communicate our personality and beliefs, so the detail in his headdress, quite characteristic of the Caribbean islands, showed his Latin American pride, in this 90th Oscar awards ceremony full of inclusion and calls to the brotherhood.

Have you ever renewed a garment from past seasons? How did it go? Share one your photo in the comments, surely it has been exceptional. Kisses!


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