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Oily Skin? The Best Bases for Oily Skin

For many, having oily skin represents a constant battle with makeup.  This skin type and its combination with a base often causes a horrible mess to appear which makes us suffer, especially at “picture time.”  

With summer at the door, it is super important to prevent this from happening.  This is why I have some options for you to try and avoid a shiny face caused by excess oil.  The following are my favorite brands that will make magic on your face 😉

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk This makeup is ideal if you have some expression lines.  Its smooth and delicate texture allow you to apply one layer upon another without appearing like a piled-on mass.  You can find it in Sephora, and it has a wonderful smell.

Urban Decay All Nighter is a liquid base with a matte finish that absorbs shine and completely covers imperfections.  Its long lasting coverage is waterproof, paraben-free, and absorbs the skin’s oil. It will look great on you if you are going to a party and plan to dance the night away.  It’s great!

Lock-it by Kat Von D Just a few drops are enough to get complete coverage that will last 24 hours.  Before applying this fabulous base, it is important to give your face a total hydration because it can leave a “cakey” texture due to it being thick.  To best blend it in, use the sponge Beauty Blender.

Lastly, I want to tell you a little about the base Born This Way. This option promises an effect like having a second skin. Its consistency is so light that it appears as if you don’t even have on makeup.  Some of the ingredients that make this base so perfect are coconut water and hyaluronic acid. This combination helps to hydrate the skin, making it smooth and rejuvenating it.  For the best results, seal it will a tiny bit of powder.

One more tip to fight the appearance of oily skin after getting ready is to always carry rice paper in your purse.  They will save you in the middle of a party. Also, never try to powder your face after sweating—this will only make your face look cakey and piled up with lumps.  

Always remember to eat well and drink a lot of water.  These are the basics that you should follow to have beautiful skin.  We’ll read eachother soon. Kisses!


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