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Makeup and hairstyles trends 2018

In past posts, I have talked to you about how 2018 will be the year that favors nature.  We will explore the world from a more human and conscious point of view.  Therefore, it isn’t surprising that makeup, haircut, and hairstyle trends follow along this line.


A natural tone with bronze reflections will make you look spectacular, no matter your age, for these tones favor a young and fresh look.

At Night

XL eyeliner will look fantastic because it will help your face look thinner and more delicate.  With this trend, you must be careful not to use too much blush and to find a good balance between lip-color tone and eyebrow liner.

A Look Full of Light

Make yourself the protagonist with a shade of metallic finish.  The shine gives a sophisticated touch to your look, and you can wear it during the day or at night, as long as the color matches the occasion.  For example, strong blue, ultraviolet, and green tones are best at night while pinks, coppers, and brown are good for the day.

Natural Lip Trend

Whether gloss or matte, it is a fact that lip liner will take a break this year, leaving a better choice to be a slight fading at the lip-line, which you can achieve with the help of your fingers.

Haircuts and Hairstyles

Although haircuts have been redefined over the years, meaning they never completely disappear, it is a fact that in 2018, the trend will bring us closer to medium-short cuts which are light, textured, and with copper tones perfect for Spring/Summer.

Hair Accessories

To have a natural look does not at all mean to have hair in the face.  That is why ribbons, headbands, and pins will be the perfect accessories to add a feminine, fantasy touch.

I am sure that with this collection of makeup and hairstyle trends for 2018, you will have no excuse for always being ad hoc.  I will be waiting for you on my social networks.  I am always happy to read your comments.

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