Habana, Cuba – Adilene Valencia

Habana, Cuba

I landed in Havana accompanied by two friends, my sister, and the promise to enjoy to the maximum this long-awaited trip to beautiful Cuba. Simply leaving the airport and breathing the Cuban air made me feel the Caribbean magic coursing along my spine.

Cuba inspires. We started the tour with William, our friendly guide, aboard a beautiful classic; if you like the glamour of old movies, this trip is for you. Havana is stopped in time, allowing you to recreate history simply by seeing its streets and buildings which have been protected in order to preserve this postcard beauty that conquers all art.

And so it has been with the fashion in Cuba. It was here that the monochrome of the military suits was conquered in order to make way for the vividness of colors and their happy tones which reflect the identity of this island embraced by waves and bathed in sun, an island that needs the lightness of cool fabrics more than the heaviness of boots and raincoats.

Although it has never been considered a point of reference in the fashion industry, Cuban fashion designers have been creative in finding and developing a particular style, full of tradition and happiness that stands out in originality and pride for its roots

“Cuban style is at the same time nostalgic and provocative.” 

Recently, Chanel recognized the importance of Cuban fashion, presenting its “Havana, Cuba Cruise Runway 2017,” an event in which Karl Lagerfeld’s most stunning models participated.


How to dress in Havana

Cuba enjoys al natural both in its land and in its people. Clothing made of fresh linen and cotton will be your best allies. Pack some light sandals and your favorite (and most comfortable) pair of tennis. Choose wide and medium-height heels so that your feet don’t get tired while walking; a wide-brimmed hat is essential, as are sunglasses, and abundant amounts of sunblock.

Don’t forget to bring a light sweater for nights on the beach or the pier, and please leave large purses in the hotel. Instead, opt for something simple that allows you to enjoy an evening stroll while carrying a copy of your ID, hotel card, and cash or cards.


Travel tips

  • Don’t take your passport out of your hotel room. Instead, carry the card that the hotel gives you. This serves as identification.
  •  If you need transportation, ask for it from the hotel desk and remember to agree on the trip fare before taking off.
  • Change your money only in official places.
  • If you are in trouble, don’t hesitate to go to the authorities.
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