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Tips to Maintain a 10 Body

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We are a few weeks away from starting summer and, of course, enjoying the
ocean, the sun, and the sand during vacations, because there is no place like the
beach to relax and let go of stress.

Although we provoked much of this stress trying to achieve a 10 body in order to
look good, if you, like me, struggles with maintaining your weight, I have a surprise
for you. I have prepared this post with the help of the world’s best and most
comprehensive nutritionist, Lucia Valencia, Licensed Nutritionist (and yes, she is
my sister). I must admit that having a nutritionist in the house is a great advantage,
haha! And I want to share her with all of you fashionistas.

So take note and forget about the stress!

By: MNC. Lucía Valencia Farias, LN

Achieving your weight and maintaining it is not a hidden science. It is simply a
combination between eating adequate amounts and doing regular physical
exercise. Even though it seems unreal, sometimes the most difficult is the former.

What is a portion of food?

One portion is the unit of measurement used to determine food and drink. The
portion depends on your energy needs and the contribution of carbohydrates,
proteins, and lipids, all of which vary according to the person and/or his or her state
of health.

It is important to control the size of portions since 100 more calories a day than what your body needs translates to an increase of about 5 kilos every year.

When using portions in our day-to-day, you can have better control over the
amount of food that you are consuming. In this way, you will have a better
balanced diet, avoiding excess or nutritional deficiencies.

How do I know my portion size?

To know your personalized portion size, it is always recommended to consult with
a nutritionist because he or she will take into account your sex, age, nutritional
necessities, and more details. However, there are some simple ways to know if
you are eating the correct portion sizes and to help you with your figure.

For that, at the end of the blog, I shared with you a table about how to measure the
portions according to each food. I wish you the best results and hope you have a
spectacular summer


Food Groups.
Recommended range of portions per day.
Visual Indicators for Portions.


6 a 8

1 piece of bread = the size of a CD.

1 cup of dry cereal = the size of a baseball.

½ cup of pasta, potatoes, or rice = the size of an individual pudding or a computer mouse (without the buttons).

This could also be the size of your fist.


 1 a 2

1 cup of beans or lentils = the size of a baseball.



3 a 5

1 cup of fresh vegetables with leaves = the size of a closed fist for a woman or the size of a baseball ½ cup of peas or other veggie = the size of a small computer mouse without the buttons.

½ cup of cubed vegetables = the size of an individual pudding


2 a 4

1 entire medium fruit, like an apple or bunch of grapes = the size of a closed fist of a woman or a light bulb.

¼ cup of dry fruit = the size of a medium egg ½ cup of sliced fruit = individual pudding.


2 a 3

1 cup of 240 ml = small cup of milk.

1 cup of yogurt, 240 ml = the size of a baseball
30 g of cheese = the size of 3 domino playing pieces.

With solids, take as a reference the end of your thumb.

Animal Products
 2 a 3

90 g of meat, chicken, or fish = the size of a deck of cards.

90 g of ground beef or other meat = the size of 3 golf balls.

Also, you can use the palm of your hand as a size reference.


2 tablespoons of peanut butter or sour cream = the size of a roll of film.

1 teaspoon of margarine or mayonnaise = ½ roll of film or a large playing die.

Any added fat should not be more than the end of the thumb.

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