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Spring Summer Trends 2018

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Spring Summer Trends 2018


Spring Summer Trends 2018

Colores luminosos

Spring Summer Trends 2018


Spring Summer Trends 2018


Spring Summer Trends 2018

Rayas y color

Spring Summer Trends 2018


2018 brings a relaxed and natural fashion, freedom and humanity will be present with fresh looks adapted to the personal style of each one, so this new year forget about the pose and have fun.

Spring-Summer comes with acidic and luminous tones of yellow, green, pink and purple, as well as not forgetting the classic and neutral ones to take stock, such as the camel or white that will be preferred in that case.
If it’s about clothes, we’ll see asymmetrical shapes, from skirts and dresses to blouses with a bare shoulder, something that reminds us of the futuristic vision of the 90’s and that materializes today.

The skin will be part of the outfit in P / V 2018, tops that let you see your waist and without hoop will be the favorite. Accompany them with a strappy short or straight leg bermuda shorts. A very cool option will be the enteritos, short and blouse, top or shirt style.

And although the spring flowers will never go out of fashion, this year the stripes and polka dots combined with the striking colors will give a new interpretation of the season.

As always I leave you several samples of how these trends can be combined, do not forget to leave me your comments on the post and I’ll wait for you on Facebook and Instagram to continue talking.

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