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Protect yourself from the sun in 4 simple steps, my special routine

Hello beloved fashionistas!  I am sure that in this season you love to take in the sun at the beach or you have to suffer with it in the city.  In both cases, it is veeeery important that you protect yourself from UV rays which come from the sun.  It doesn’t matter if these rays reach you directly or reach you through the car window—they affect you the same.

That is why, on this occassion, I want to share with you my daily routine for caring for your skin.

Upon waking up, the first thing I do is wash my face with Blemish + Age Cleaner from the brand SkinCeuticals.  This cleans and exfoliates the skin.  Next, I apply a product from the same brand called C E FERULIC.  This product contains pure Vitamins C and E, both of which mainly  help avoid skin blemishes.

The following step is a hydrating product from the Brand Filorga.  You also apply this all over the skin—essential for whichever cleansing routine for caring for your skin.  Remember that hydrated skin is healthy skin.

Lastly, and most importantly, sunscreen, even if you don’t spend much time directly in the sun.  These days, ultraviolet rays damage much of our skin, which is why it is incredibly important to apply sunscreen at least two times a day—once in the morning and again in the afternoon.  I use one called Anthelios Unifiant from the brand La Roche-Posay with 50 SPF.  Apply this evenly over the face.  For the body, use Umbrella, which is a sunscreen spray.

At night, follow the same process, but without using the Vitamin C and E, nor the sunscreen.

As you can see, it is pretty simple.  The entire routine will not take you more than 5-10 minutes maximum and it will protect your skin’s health.


Bonus: If you want a deep, more complete cleanse for your skin, I recommend doing a hydrating facial.  I do it once a month and it really helps to clean my pores, getting rid of impurities and hydrating the skin.  Included in the process, is an acid called Hyaluronic which intensely rejuvenates the water in your skin and hydrates it.

By the way, many thanks to Casa Dominga for locating our main images 😉 I hope this advice helps you keep your skin healthy and beautiful.  If you try this routine, tell me how it goes, or let me know what routine you use.  We can even exchange tips!  Kisses!

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