My favorite pants for this season – Adilene Valencia

My favorite pants for this season

We are just beginning Spring, but you can already feel the heat throughout much of Mexico, hence why we are starting to think about the beach, bikini, hats, and basically all of the accessories that arrive with the Spring-Summer season.

Even though we would want to spend all day in shorts and skirts, jeans are the basics of the basic, for practicality, comfort, and liking.  But this doesn’t mean you have to always wear the same style or fabric.  That’s why I am sharing with you some of my favorites, as well as the pants of the Spring/Summer Season 2018.

Pants with wide legs, pleats and fluid fabrics. Suede and satin help to create a relaxed boudoir style.

Pants with a taper The form of a carrot emphasizes the feminine figure.  If your hips are small, it will be one of your favorites.

Pants with straight leg, Trans-pa-ren-cy. With this cut, you will look good!  More than just being the hit for Spring/Summer, you can choose semi-transparent fabrics for a contemporary look.

Pants with a tight fit, or skinny jeans Choose them in cotton for freshness.  Suede and satin are a good option for the office, and they will give you an air of sophistication.

Tell me, what are your favorites?  Kisses!

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