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Must Have

What will always be trend

Today we go from the catwalks to street style with the first must have of the blog. Let’s make a fun and useful exercise with these clothes that yes or yes you must have and if not, run for them !, because they are the basics that you can not miss.


  • Your favorite jeans
  • Basic T-shirt
  • Denim jacket
  • Tennis
  • Ray Ban sunglasses
  • Drawsting bag
  • Pink shine


  • Little black dress basic
  • Nude heels
  • Extra long necklace
  • Padded bag
  • Red lipstick


  • Platform black plums
  • Long sleeve white shirt, loose.
  • Black pants
  • Clutch purse
  • Black blazer
  • Belt with metal buckle
  • Coral lips


For example, in the first outfit, you can substitute tennis shoes for nude heels and a white shirt. Also changing the bag drawnsting by the padding, you will get a completely chic and fresh style.

If you want to change outfit # 2 for something less formal, to go to college or shopping, change the heels for tennis, and complements with the denim jacket, sunglasses and padded bag. If at night you have a party, you only need to change the tennis by the plums and the jacket by the blazer to look elegant and sexy at the same time.

The third outfit, which is chic, simple and practical, you can make it even more casual with jeans and jacket. Another good idea is to wear the black dress with the shirt tied at the waist, for a look more eighties.

As you can see, when you take advantage of your basics, less is more and everything multiplies. Of course, remember that they are clothes that you will use a lot, so make sure they are of the best quality.

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