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3 ways to wear a garment

Fashion comes with everything this season—soft colors have always been identified as the dominant colors during spring and summer.  This year, the IN colors are violet and yellow.  make sure you have at least one garment  with these colors to take-to the streets in style.

However, there is one color that will always surpass the others: white. It is a color so vibrant in its pure tone that I had to choose it as my favorite this season. And it is well worth it to show you the different ways to combine it because it is not as easy as it seems. It’s a question of an oversized Adolfo Domínguez shirt, open on the sides, perfect for different occasions if we know how to combine it.

The first option is a totally white look, with one part of the shirt tucked in and one part left out.  This is a super important tip that can work for almost any occasion where you want to stand out.

The second look is a street style with light high-rise jeans and the shirt tied in a knot in the front.  This combines well with pointed heels and any lively color so as to not lose the glamour on the streets.

The third and final outfit has to do with a new trend—it combines a large blouse with a short skirt, in such a way that the first is tucked into the second and comes out below the skirt.  A style to stand out.

By applying these small pieces of advice, you will see that your closet has options I am sure you haven’t yet tried.  And like a simple garment can get you out of a bind, don’t forget to combine your looks with the super best bags and glasses.

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